100% Human Hair Copper Ginger Orange Wig Blow out Curls Unit by Essence Wigs

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Newest to the Bold Colors Collection is this 100% human hair version of our copper ginger blow out curls wig.

Made with ultra luxe brazilian human hair.
The original sold out unit can now be received as 100% human hair wig with multiple parting spaces. 
The lace goes from ear to ear with a 13 x 6 measurement.
This unit will come to you pre-styled as the photo.
This beauty has the texture of a natural blowout on textured hair and is complimented with small bodied and wispy curled endings. 
The unit is just exquisite and now we're providing the versatility that human hair brings. 
Love the fiery reddish-orange copper color look? This is the unit for you!
Length pictured is 16" 
Also available in other lengths

Hair color: Copper ginger with dark brown roots 

This is a full, cap wig and is large enough to fit over your natural hair. Cap is breathable, lightweight and has straps to ensure a good fit. Combs can be added if desired!

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