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Crochet wigs are a fairly new type of wig and not widely available as they can be time consuming to make if not an expert on natural hair and natural hair wig making.  As a professional wig-making company, we specialize in handmade and custom crochet wigs. 

They are an extremely popular choice amongst customers. The reason that crochet wigs are such a popular choice is due to the number of benefits that they provide which can be understood below:

1.) That Big Big Volume- Crochet units are often big and voluminous. They provide the best mode for extremely voluminous afro looks. If you love a lot of volume, you should definitely go with one of our crochet units.  Our special methods utilizes a process where hair is individually knitted onto a comfort and enclosed cap.

2.) Very minimal to No shedding-You will not see shedding with your crochet unit. Excess shedding of regular wigs tends to be frequent because the traditional methods of affixing hair onto the cap are not as secure and that is why you'll always see shedding on your average wig unit. The crochet wig making process mitigates miscellaneous shedding that you'd see in regular wigs because the hair is secure and fitted to the wig. 

3.) Durable and Long Lasting- Crochet wig units last a very long time. Our crochet wigs can last for years and years once our simple care instructions are followed. It is a combination of the natural afro textures, the wig not requiring frequent cleansing as well as our special crochet process that allow our crochet wigs to last long. You will most definitely get your money's worth when purchasing one.

4.) Truest to Natural Afro and Kinky Textures- They provide the best afro and natural textured looks that are truest to natural afro-textures. The types of styles that can be done with a crochet unit are unlimited. This unfortunately is unheard of with human hair wigs. Though we offer 100% human hair wigs, they do not mimic the texture of actual natural and afro textured hair in the way that a crochet unit does.

5.) Quality assured. Customer Satisfaction. We've sold hundreds of our crochet wig units. You will never see our crochet units anywhere as they are unique and designed by our founder and natural hair wigologist. As an expert of natural hair for over 25 years, she's perfected the crochet unit and developed a time tested method for creating hair and wigs that best mimic the feel and look of real natural hair.

6.) Unique looks-If you are looking for a unique, afro-textured look, whether it be funky, bold, chic or elegant, crochet units are the way to go because the sky is really the limit in the types of styles and colors that can be carried out with a crochet wig.


Where can I find your crochet units?

All crochet units are in the category labeled crochet wigs. If they are not in the 'standard' subcategory of crochet wigs, then it is a premium crochet wig.

Premium vs Standard crochet wigs?

Our premium crochet units are constructed on enclosed, comfort wig caps that possess combs for more security. Our standard crochet units are constructed on a netted cap. The netted crochet caps are more lightweight than the premium caps.  Both crochet wigs do not require the wearing of wig caps. You can wear them right over your own hair if you wish. If you have alopecia or are bald, then you'll need to wear a wig cap over the wig. Need comfort wig cap options to wear underneath your wigs? Be sure to contact to find out about our wig caps.

Is there supposed to be spaces on crochet wig?

Yes, the crochet unit has "Invisible spacing." It is a special term to describe the hair placement on crochet wigs. It is invisible because the hair on the crochet wig will always be enough to cover the wig so "invisible spaces" will never be seen no matter the position the wearer is in.  The majority of our crochet units are extremely voluminous so the underlying cap will never be seen. Just take a look at any of our crochet wig listings. The proof's in the photos. 

The person that has never worn a crochet wig before or is unfamiliar with how they are constructed, may be alarmed if looking underneath the hair. Rest assure, this is how the crochet unit was created to be. Invisible spacing is not seen when it is on the wearer's head. It may only be seen when the wearer intentionally parts or lifts the hair to expose the cap.  

In the words of Willow Smith, Can I "whip my hair back and forth" when wearing a crochet wig?

Yes, you most certainly can whip, fling or move the hair on your crochet unit back and forth. Just ensure the combs are snug and attached and adjustable straps, if there be any, are adjusted for security.

Can I leave out my edges when wearing a crochet wig?

Yes, you can leave your edges out, especially if you've purchased an afro or kinky textured crochet wig which is likely to match your own hair. The crochet unit will blend right in. This is another benefit of the crochet wig.

Can hair be moved around the crochet wig?

Yes, crochet units are flexible and hair can be moved around or placed from one side to another side. Just ensure when moving the hair from its original position that you cover the underlying spacing that is underneath the hair.

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reviews of our various crochet wig units:

"This unit has changed my life! Compliments galore. Thank you." 5 star rating from Jessica B. (Pink Me Up Crochet unit)

"I love the style and hair. The wig is beautiful. Amazing job." 5 star rating from Angele (Pink Me Up Crochet unit)

Five star rating ***** from Joann (Salt Pepper Gray Twist Out Crochet Wig)

"The wig is absolutely perfect" 5 star rating from Joe White (Sunflower Pop Crochet wig)

Five star rating ***** from Topaz SLC (Ombre Mini Twists Crochet wig)

"I wanted to wear this before leaving a review. I ordered Twist Out Mania and I'm really hype bout it. Twist out Mania is like an understatement. It's exactly as described. I love a good twist out but my twist out don't give me that big look that I want to have. Even though its big, I still wear it daily. If you love big hair you will love it. If your not into a lotta volume, this may not be for you. I feel like a curly goddess with Twist out mania on and I can tell she's going to last a while. I prefer the crochet wig over lace because it allows me to do more with it and I can also leave out some of my own hair. I loves me some super BIG hair! So glad that I found this shop because there really aren't enough out there that sell kinky textures. The shop is cool for that. Think ill get bohemian vibe next." 5 star rating from Shari (Twist out Mania crochet wig)

"This is a whole lotta hair! A little intimidating at first but it will grow on ya!" 5 star rating from Shaneek85 for Twist out Mania

5 star rating from Katrina (Twist out Mania Crochet Wig)

"Nice and full looks good" 4 star rating from Tabitha for Amina Crochet Wig unit

I received the wig and she is fabulous!" Zulema Griffin (Miss Maisy Crochet unit which was featured in a  NYC theatrical production)

5 star rating from Calvarina for African Water Wave Blunt Bob Cut Twist Out Crochet Wig

"Just as described. Very lovely. Will buy again." 5 star rating from datgrluluv for Signature Twist Out Crochet Unit

"Gorgeous Natural Look"  5 star rating from Tiffany for Signature Twist Out Crochet Unit

folks pictured in our crochet wig units:

The majority of our crochet wig units are modeled in the listing or can be viewed on mannequin. There are numerous photos of all angles.

Here are a few additional photos: