About the Charity

The Essence Wigs Charity was recently launched. The charity is a separate entity from the store. The charity’s mission is to provide afro and kinky textured wigs to children and adults undergoing chemotherapy or experiencing hair loss due to cancer or another serious medical condition. Individuals often view their hair as their crowning glory and hair is also a part of an individual's identity. It is a feature that increases confidence and enhances beauty. Losing one’s hair can be an extremely hard battle to face. The beginning of hair loss can contribute to decreased self-esteem and connotes to the individual experiencing it, the seriousness of their illness. The charity will be partnering with cancer-focused hospitals and care centers to provide wigs to children and adults in need of wigs that resemble their afro and kinky textures. We've come to learn of the lack of hair donation organizations who deal with afro textured hair. 

We are skilled and knowledgeable about afro and kinky hair textures and have developed processes for the creation and provision of wigs with these textures. Cancer patients and individuals experiencing hair loss with these hair types do want to have access to wigs with textures that look like their own. Unfortunately, the availability of afro and kinky textured wigs to these individuals are non-existent as most donor organizations primarily deal with straight hair.

Essence Wigs was created in 2015 for the purpose of providing afro and kinky textured wigs to a global customer base and for general celebration and appreciation of afro textured hair. We are expanding five years later to establish the our charity department, which will be a place for cancer patients  and individuals experiencing hair loss due to chemo, while also demonstrating financial need, to have access to afro and kinky textured wigs free of charge. Purchasing hair or wigs can be costly to the cancer patient who may already be inundated with medical bills related to their ailment. 

Donating Hair 

In the hair donation sector, we understand that individuals wish to participate in acts of goodness in the world by donating their hair for charitable purposes. This is an act that deserves adulation. The charity will accept hair donations of Kinky and Afro textured hair from willing individuals. However, those interested in donating should not feel obligated to donate their hair as we have several realistic fiber options that enable us to create and provide afro and kinky wigs to recipients in need. Please consider making a financial donation, which will better enable us to provide afro and kinky textured wigs to recipients in need and the health organizations we partner with.

Financial Donations

Please consider making a monthly, annual or one time donation to Essence Wigs Charity which will allow us to provide wigs to cancer patients and individuals experiencing hair loss due to serious medical conditions.  You can opt to make a monthly, annual or one time donation to support our ongoing charitable and giving efforts of providing wigs to children and adults living with cancer. Donations are tax deductible.

We accept monetary donations via credit card with paypal and google pay. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and other card issuers are accepted. You do not need to have a PayPal account to make a donation.

You may also mail your donation in if you wish.  Essence Wigs Charity is a charitable entity. Items purchased in the store cannot be considered as a donation; Only donations made in this portion of the website are classified as a donation.  Click on any photo on this page to make a donation


We will be updating this section in 2021 with instructions for hair donations and our wig application if you are a seeking candidate.

Guidelines for Hair Donations


  • Hair should be a minimum of 12 inches (unstretched)
  • We only accept kinky, afro or tightly curled hair textures. We may be able to accept dreadlocks donations but please contact first.
  • Since we deal solely with kinky or afro textured hair types, hair does not need to be received in a ponytail or braid. Hair can be shaved or cut with scissors in free hand. If it is easier for you to cut in sections, you may do so.
  • Hair must be thoroughly cleansed and deep conditioned before cutting or shaving and sending to us. If you are unsure about types of hair products that you can use please reach out to us at [email protected]
  • Hair with semi permanent or temporary hair coloring is accepted, however, natural color is preferred.
  • We do not accepted permed hair or hair whose texture has been altered with chemicals and processing, i.e. curly perms, texturizers, straight perms. The hair must be naturally kinky or curly.
  • When packaging and sending, you may bundle and secure the hair using ouchless hair bands. Place the hair into a Ziploc bag that is large enough for your hair length. You may place a label or sticker with your name inside the package. If you wish to remain anonymous you may leave your package without a name.
  • Please do not send wet hair, as it molds and will be discarded. Hair must be properly air-dried or blow dried.

Please consider sending in a financial donation in addition to help with the cost and services for creation of a wig with your donated hair.  The cost of making or providing our wigs, services and replacements to individuals in need can range up to $1500 per individual.



Applying for a Wig


We will be accepting applications for individuals undergoing chemo or experiencing hair loss due to serious medical conditions who also demonstrate financial need.  The wig you will receive will be similar to your hair texture or you have the choice to select from other afro, kinky or curly textures.  We ensure that our wigs will fit your head, are comfortable and are enclosed.  

Check back in May when our formal application form will be available.


  • Can be an adult or child
  • Must be experiencing hair loss as a result of chemotherapy, trichotillomania or burns.This must be officially notated by your caregiver who will need to submit our form that you are in need of a wig due to a medical condition.
  • Will need to submit 3-4 pictures of yourself showcasing your natural hair before your diagnosed medical condition.
  • Submit completed Hair Unit application forms which requires proof of financial need. Please select the appropriate form for child or adult. 

For questions about the charity contact: [email protected]