We've placed the utmost focus on the creation of a 100% e-commerce model ever since the establishment of Essence Wigs in 2015.  Covid-19 has forced many businesses to think about their methods of operation and the changes that need to be made to accommodate public health crises.  Essence Wigs will always remain committed to the needs, safety and health of our customers during this crucial time which has now made history. Thanks to our already seamless online model, the transition during this time has been quite smooth.

Due to the flexibility and dedication of our online infrastructure, we will always be open and ready to respond to requests and questions that you may have about our products. There will be no disruption in your usual shopping experience at EssenceWigs.com

We are also upping the ante and taking necessary and appropriate steps to ensure that you receive your order safely. Your unit is always produced with care and with the highest methods of strict public health sanitation standards. There may be slightly longer than usual delays in the delivery of your item due to the specialized safeguards that we and our shipping partners have put in place to ensure your shopping experience remains uninterrupted.  

Contact Free Shopping Experience:

We prioritize a physical contact free shopping experience for our customers from the start to completion of your order. No signatures will ever be required in order to receive your delivery during this time. You can message us at any time and you'll receive a response within 24 hours.  We remain dedicated to providing our customers with continued physical contact free shopping experience.  We realize that some salons and barbershops are closed during this time. To those customers who are salon regulars, we understand that you place a high value on your appearance and may have a hard time getting an appointment during this time. We have many hair and wig options and solutions to get you through this time of uncertainty where beauty care is concerned.

Strict Enforcement of Return Policy:

We will not be accepting returns for any reason. This is being enforced for hygiene and safety protocols. Please ensure you ask all questions that you may have before ordering.

With that said, remember WASHING HANDS can save lives! Don't forget the two most important actions that you must take during this time: Wash your hands and practice social distancing. We all as a global community will get through this challenge. There is nothing that we can't overcome altogether.

We wish you and your family abundant health, now and in our forseeable future. Thank you for your business.

Essence Wigs