Essence Wigs "Angela" Afro Wig Unit Salute Ms. Angela Davis

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We're paying homage to the revolutionary She-ro and political activist, Angela Davis.
No... fros aren't just for the disco! This unit was named after Angela because embodies everything that a fro represents #roots

Angela is a nice, well-rounded afro with a lovely deep kinky texture. The crown is completely filled with hair that stands upright. If you love kinky hair to the umpteenth power, this is right up your alley! This is a great everyday unit that will give you an authentic fro look. All you need is your pick and you're good to go! KINKY is BEAUTIFUL!!! KINKY is LOVELY!!!

See the ways we've styled Angela above. 

Salute Ms. Davis with us and listen to this song:

Hair color: Black

Do you have gray hair? Desire this unit in gray? Contact!

This is a FULL crochet CAP wig and is large enough to fit over your natural hair. Cap has adjustable straps to ensure a snug fit!

20% of the proceeds from the sales of our "Angela' unit will be donated to the Black Lives Matter organization