Essence Wigs 'Blown n Curl' Natural Hair Blown Out Curls Curly Wig Unit

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Say HELLO to our 'Blown N Curl' unIt, new to the 'Garden Heirs' collection by Essence Wigs. 

The hair on this unit was made to resemble a curl set on blown out hair. 

 'Blown n Curl' will give you the sass you never knew you had! 

She's fun, sassy and classy all at the same time! This is not a lace wig.

No need for heat in your own hair...That's what wigs are for! 

Blown n Curl' is not long and measures around 12 inches. Made with a singular 2.5-3inch part space.

 A great choice for you ladies that want va va voom curly sass without the length! 

For this cropped curly do, we were inspired by the talented Marsha Ambrosius! <3 HER!

Hair color is light brown. 

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