Essence Wigs Bold Burgundy Red The 'Diana Ross' Lace front Wig Hair Full Cap Lace Wig Unit Curly Special parting 3b 3c

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One of our MOST POPULAR! The "DIANA ROSS" curly lace wig unit! This is a beautiful natural hair textured lace front wig which was created to mimic the texture of 3c 3b natural hair. Ladies...this is big, voluminous, super curly hair. We named it the 'DIANA ROSS' because it's fierce just like her!! You can wear the wig parting at the side, middle, etc. The parting is approximately 2.5 inches.  

Hair length is approximately 18-20 inches. Combs are located at the front of the wig cap along with adjustable straps.  Beautiful natural looking, big, beautiful curls. 

Hair color is burgundy red

FROM the Essence Wigs Afro Punk Bold Colors Collection  ?? 

"You're unique and you like to stand out! That's what the Afro Punk Bold colors collection was created for. Don't be afraid to express the inner you..."