Essence Wigs 'Candace' Twist out Natural Hair Crochet Wig Textured Hair Wig (Shorter) 4a 4B

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New to the African Queens collection..say hello to this "Candace" Twist out unit:

The hair is a nice mix of type 4 tendrils in a twist out look. Shorter length with lovely curls that frame the face. If you love a good twist out, you'll definitely enjoy wearing this one!!

The hair is situated on a premium comfortable full crochet cap. Cap has combs and will provide a secure fit.

Hair color is darkest brown-black

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African Queen highlight- Who was Empress Candace? Candace art by Landegra

Empress Candace was one of the most stoic female generals to ever lead an African army.  Her birth name was Amanirenas. She led the Ethiopian army around 352 B.C. She became blind in one eye after losing a battle with the Romans and was said to have humiliated Alexander the Great at one point in time. She was very skilled in military tactics and commands and was also a great unifier of the Ethiopian people during this time in history. 

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