Essence Wigs 'Cinna Spice' Braid Out Wig Full Cap Natural Hair Unit Textured 4a 4B Non lace wig Bantu knot Out

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Here is the "Cinna Spice" Braid out textured wig unit! This is a beautiful natural hair textured non-lace wig which was created to mimic the texture of a braid out being performed on natural hair that has texture of 4a/4b. Ladies...The texture on this wig is absolutely gorgeous! The texture might be better than our twist out wig! Hair is fairly soft to touch and we're completely goo goo for gaga with this unit! You will love it. It is not a lacefront so that's where it differs from the 'Kinky Wave' but it will blend really well with your natural hair line! 

It's beautiful, no fuss natural hair!! Hair length is approximately 20 inches. Unit has adjustable straps to ensure a custom fit.  Beautiful natural looking braid out wig in the perfect color combo for the fall season. You will get plenty compliments with this one! It's truly fabulous!

Hair color is darkest brown-black with cinnamon spice brown highlights (sold out)

Also available in colors (black, burgundy rinse)

Made with premium sustainable fibers.