Essence Wigs Crochet Wig 'Sunny Mama' Twist Out (Long) Wig Blonde Curly BIG Hair

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SAY HELLO to 'Sunny Mama,' new to the Afro Punk Bold Colors collections. Sunny Mama will brighten your hair day with her golden blonde  kinky waves meshed with sandy platinum blonde highlights.  The hair is around 24-26 inches. This unit has bold, luscious waves as a twist out has been performed on it. Premium crochet cap construction with combs and straps for a secure fit! Will be a perfect accessory for your next shoot or show 

New FROM the Essence Wigs Afro Punk Bold Colors Collection  

"You're unique and you like to stand out! That's what the Afro Punk Bold colors collection was created for. Don't be afraid to express the inner you..."

This is a FULL CAP wig and is large enough to fit over your natural hair. Cap has combs and adjustable straps!

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