Essence Wigs 'Curlz N Kinkz' Black Natural Hair Wig Lace Wig Unit

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Curlz N Kinkz is for the ladies who love curls but lots of kink too! It's almost like bedhead hair, stylish, fun and care-free.  It's short-medium length for no fuss natural hair.  Curls n Kinkz has good amount of volume all over (crown, sides) for an all around perfect kinky curly fro.  Great for the ladies who don't want extra big or long hair! 

This wig is a full cap unit and has combs and straps for a secure dome fit! 

Pre-cut lace edge (no parting on this unit, but the hair can be divided wherever you like).

Can customize whether you desire bangs or not!

Hair color is darkest brown-black

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