Essence Wigs "Fluffy Curls" Tousled Afro Wig Unit Type 4

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Introducing our "Fluffy Curls" unit. This unit is extremely natural looking.  She's an afro with a tousled slightly defined fluffed look! The hair packs a good amount of volume and is medium length. Crown area is voluminous, so it's a great unit for those who desire a more well rounded (height) look. Kinky is beautiful. Kinky is oh so lovely and boy do we love these fluffy curls! 

Hair color: Black

Desire a different color? Just contact!

This is a full, cap wig and is large enough to fit over your natural hair. Cap is breathable, lightweight and has straps to ensure a good fit.

You may view the long length version of 'Fluffy Curls' in related listings.

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Amina, a bantu knot out unit: 

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