Essence Wigs Gorgeous Burgundy Bohemian Vibe Afro Kink Lace Wig Unit

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Here is our Afro Kink Bohemian Vibe wig!! This is a super gorgeous natural hair FRO wig which was created to mimic natural 4C hair. The hair is a BEAUTIFUL 4C pattern and texture to the tee! This is how long 4C hair looks! This is a gorgeous afro wig and will look great on any head!  Of all the units available at Essence Wigs, the Bohemian Vibe wig has to be our favorite to create!

The texture on this wig is just unbelievable! It is very natural looking! Premium lace full cap construction has adjustable straps and cap is big enough to fit your beautiful head of hair. This wig will provide you with a fabulous boho look! It's beautiful, bold natural hair!  

Hair color is subtle red mixed with cinnamon brown undertones--Perfect color for summer!

Kinky hair is so beautiful! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise ??

If you've been wanting to get this unit, now's the time!

This unit is apart of our AFRO PUNK BOLD COLORS COLLECTION!

This hair is a very kinky/coarse texture, more so than our other units, so wear only if you are confident with your kinks...WHICH you should be! 

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