Essence Wigs The 'JANET-Remixed' BIG HAIR Black Lace front wig Natural Hair

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The 'Garden Heirs' collection

The garden heirs collection is for the glam hippie at heart who has a taste for boho-chic, refined elegance.

Janet remixed is a featured unit in the garden heirs collection.

Scratch, scratch errrrrrr....This is a remix of our Janet unit. It's bigger and longer! In our communications, we learned that many of you don't like lace or have aversions to lace, so this version is made without lace! It is a super gorgeous, long kinky curly natural hair wig which was created to resemble natural 3b/3c hair. The hair resembles natural kinky straw curled hair. It is long, mid waist length and the curls are nice and defined!

This is definitely BIG, voluminous, curly hair!!!!!  It is around 26" in length and reaches mid-lower back depending on your height.  The light, fluffy, voluminous hair is soft to touch and has a natural feel.  The texture on this wig is just unbelievable! This wig will provide you with a stylish, refined look. 

This is a FULL CAP wig!

Hair color is Black

Hair has been made using premium sustainable fibers