Essence Wigs 'Two Tone Craze' Blonde Streak Black Curly Kinks Crochet Wig Natural Hair

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From the Bold Color Collection: The 'Two Tone Craze' unit! This crochet wig is for the kinky-curly loving lady who has a wild, fun-loving, care free style. The 'Two Tone Craze' is made with a fine kinky curly texture. The beautiful, medium length, black textured curls are accentuated by a streak of kinky platinum blonde curls.  

This wig does have combs to ensure a secure and snug fit. Breathable stretch cap expands to fit your head size! Get two tone crazy with this unit!  Style inspo behind this unit is the bold and beautiful KELIS whose been rockin curly way before it was ever a thing!

This is a FULL CAP wig!

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