Essence Wigs "Yonce" Golden Brown X-Long Box Braids Crochet Wig Beyonce braids

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"Yonce all on his mouth like....!!!!!" 
Okay, how about 'Yonce all on your head like...?! 

This is the perfect wig unit for achieving a look of box braids that you can put on and take off at your whim! Why sit in a braid shop for hours on end that will only last for two months tops!? Get you a box braid wig! You can put it on when you feel like having braids and take it off the next day to change up your look! It will last for ages! It's all about versatility when it comes to hair! This unit will grant you that chic versatility.

Length of braids is around 26"

This unit was created in the style of queen bey! Lovely waist length golden brown box braids will put the final touch on your summer looks! Yes, it's a great unit to bring on vacation! ??

You can do so much with the "Yonce" unit! Wear her up in a bun or down at your waist!

Hair color: Golden brown-dirty blonde

This unit does have some weight to it as these are braids!

This is a FULL CAP wig and is large enough to fit over your natural hair. Special cap created to match scalp tone.
Cap has combs and adjustable straps.

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