Get Wiggy With It: A Mini Guide to Wearing and Maintaining Wigs Book E-book Wig Care Wigs

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A number of you have contacted us with questions about wigs and wig care. This book was written for you!

This book is a definitive guide to understanding wigs and how to maintain them!

Whether you are new to wearing wigs or an experienced wig wearer, you'll be able to gain wig knowledge that you may not have known before!

With special emphasis on curly and afro textured wigs! The wig care instructions provided in this guide are generalized to all wigs not just the wigs featured on

In this mini e-book, you’ll learn:
The key differences between synthetic and human hair units
5 Different Types of wigs 
Which type of wig is most appropriate for your lifestyle
How to care for a synthetic wig
How to care for a human hair wig
Recommended styling products for wigs
How to secure your unit
Whether you should use glue to secure your wig
Which is more versatile: Synthetic or Human Hair?
How long your wig should last

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