Gray 'Isetnofret' Bohemian Vibe Afro Crochet Wig Unit Full Cap African Queens Collection

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Introducing our newest collection..the African Queens collection. Our signature Boho Vibe unit (Crochet Cap Version- Non lace) 4a-4b 

Hear ye! Hear ye! Calling all ladies who desire to embrace kinks and curls: This is the 'Isetnofret Bohemian Vibe' wig!! This is a super gorgeous natural hair wig which was created to resemble natural hair.  This hair is a BEAUTIFUL 4B pattern and texture to the tee! 

Premium and sturdy crochet cap construction has adjustable straps, combs and the cap is big enough to fit over your head of hair. This wig will provide you with a fabulous queenly look! It's big, beautiful, bold natural hair! 

No afro heritage people are not new to ROYAL life!!!! Who was Egyptian queen Isetnofret? Isetnofret, "Lady of Grace" was a royal wife of Pharaoh Remesses II and one of the most prominent of all the Egyptian royal wives. She became queen after Cleopatra's death! Her picture is last photo. 

Her titles included: Great Royal Wife, Hereditary Princess (iryt-p`t), Great of Praises (wrt-hzwt), King’s Mother (mwt-niswt), Mistress of the entire Two Lands (hnwt-t3wy-tm), King’s Wife (hmt-nisw), Great King’s Wife (hmt-niswt-wrt)
Hair color of 'Isetnofret bohemian vibe' shown is White gray. Also available in salt pepper gray!
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