Hatshepsut Kinks Super Long & Full Voluminous Lace Front Wig African Queens Collection

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AFRICAN QUEENS COLLECTION!!!! This collection is an ode to all our ancestral queens. 'Hatshepsut' is for the ladies who are IN LOVE with kinky texture! 

This unit is really really long! It's a great unit to wear if you want to showcase long kinky natural hair. An awesome textured unit for your next shoot or daily wear if you're into lots of hair ! This is definitely kinky to the fullest, big and super long! The unit measures approximately 28-30 inches. This is our longest kinky textured unit!! This hair is situated on a comfortable wig cap with lace at the front, multiple parting areas. Baby/edge hairs at the front for a natural look.  She's been styled in a number of ways! Hair color is Dark Brown-Black

Other colors available- Brown, Black with light brown highlights

We've had a buyer who desired this texture straightened to astounding long luscious kinky straight results. Want us to do it for you? You may purchase that option! Keep in mind, hair won't revert back to former texture (this is not human hair). Made with lasting sustainable fibers. 

We have many other big hair kinky straight options!

Who is HATSHEPSUT you ask??? 

No, afro heritage people are not new to ROYAL life and this is something we should always be aware of!!! Hatshepsut, "Foremost of Noble Ladies" was the fifth pharaoh and the FIRST female pharaoh in Egyptian dynasty.   Hatshepsut obtained a great amount of power for a woman and was everything that a queen needed to be! She took on extensive building and construction projects overseeing the building of sacred temples and monuments. One of her biggest achievements is known as Dayr al-Bari temple, a funerary monument. She reigned between 1473 B.C. and 1458 B.C. See last photo for a drawing depicting Hatshepsut.

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