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welcome to rewards

Ways to Accumulate Points 

Each wig purchase = 100 points 

Create an account on =  75 points 

Leave a review= 25 pts   

Please ensure that you create an account on  This is the only was we'll be able to track your accumulation of points.  Once you've accumulated the number of points above, you'll choose from our Reward Wig Category.  Reward points can be applied towards purchases made starting 1/01/2020.  The reward program is only conducted on  Purchases made on other marketplaces will not qualify. 

How to redeem your reward:

 Rewards can be redeemed once the accumulated order(s) have been completed and marked delivered. If you have accumulated the necessary reward points you will be contacted and provided directions on how to redeem your reward.  You'll be contacted within 1-2 weeks from the date of your previous order's delivery.  If you have accumulated 1000 points, congratulations! You will be sent a link to the reward wig category which will allow you to redeem your points and receive your free wig(s).

Have questions? Be sure to contact us by clicking on the "Contact Us" form above! 

Thank you for your continued patronage -Admin


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