Tracee Ellis Lace Front Wig Unit by Essence Wigs

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We've decided to create a unit in the likeness of Tracee Ellis's hair, our hair idol's daughter!!!  Ms. Tracee has been rocking natural texture for as long as we can remember. This natural textured unit features wispy and wavy kinky curls with dollops of type 4 frizz for a supremely natural look in the style of Tracee's hair.   

This unit is situated on a comfortable stretch cap.  The hair length of this unit is medium length about 13" at the longest.  This unit would not be signature Tracee without a full brow length bang that is cut to frame and compliment any face.  Tracee has been quite the actress over the years, from Bow to Joan, we love the many sides of her <33! Just like her, this unit is pretty versatile and will give you a unique glam look in the style of Ms. Ellis Ross.


Hair color- Darkest Brown-Black