Essence Wigs...Because Natural Is You!

Who said that straight hair is the standard for beauty?!
Essence Wigs was established in 2015, at a time when there just weren't enough textured hair options for wigs.  Essence Wigs was created for those women who enjoy wearing wigs with textures and styles that resemble their own. Yes it was a goal to shake up the beauty industry and celebrate TEXTURE! Wearing textured hair is beautiful and it's the best way to wear your hair. No matter what stage you may be on in your hair journey, Essence Wigs is here to provide you with a wealth of options which include wigs that resemble natural, textured hair.

These days, it's so important to switch it up and have varying style options. We only believe in providing wigs to our customer base that resemble natural, ethnic, kinky-curly hair! Perhaps you aren't on a natural hair journey and you just enjoy the look of textured- afro hair! You've come to the right place! Our units are full cap and pre-styled...ready to go right onto your lovely dome!

All units featured on this site are a part of our three collections, "Natural Queens," "Afro Punk Bold Colors," and our newest, the "Garden Heirs" collection! Please also check out our tee line, "Kinky Kulture" Collection.

All of our units represent the many various textures of ethnic hair! Have it colored. Have it blown out. Have it curly. Have it wavy. Have it frizzy. Have it kinky. Have it fro'ed out. In these collections, there is something for everyone and for every texture! We're celebrating Natural, textured hair! For the queen in you...!

Don't be afraid to branch out and try a unit with color! Dark skin tones look amazing with color. You may feel a little hesitant about it at first, because you may be used to wearing dark or black hair. The bright hair color trend is definitely here to stay. Want pink or gray or green or blue textured hair?? We've got it!

Essence Wigs...Because Natural is YOU!